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Job Summary

Boise, ID

We are looking for a “swiss-army knife,” a candidate that is independently driven, self-directed, resourceful and always willing to roll up sleeves to deliver. An ideal candidate will have a natural affinity for the details of complicated systems while remaining focused on the larger vision. Candidates should have great interpersonal and communication skills, grit and a whatever-it-takes approach to ensure that the product and team are successful.

Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a deep understanding of our users needs and goals. Kount 360 sits at the foundation of our customer experience – help us get ambitious. Customer UX shouldn’t be an afterthought, we want it to be so great that customers cite it as a reason they chose Kount!
  • Ensuring that vertical teams across payments, account protection, account opening and financial crimes can self-serve as much of their needs as possible.
  • Stakeholder management – building lightweight governance processes to ensure our customer platform has a coherent and consistent user experience across a variety of products, use cases and customer archetypes.
  • Bringing your product background and expertise to the team, writing thoughtful PRDs, lead planning efforts, prioritize features for roadmaps. There’s always more to do – it’s up to you and the team to decide what we should do, why, and when.
  • Working with an amazing team of PMs, Engineers, and Designers. You’ll have a ton of resources to draw from and great people to collaborate with!
  • Collaborate with customer-facing teams to synthesize and iterate on product design, bringing a unique product vision to the table – avoiding the “build a faster horse” problem common in customer feedback channels.
  • Data-informed decision making – you have a penchant for leveraging data to better understand behaviors, but also know its limitations. Help us build out first-class instrumentation and portal analytics to analyze user behaviors and test new features before we release them to all customers.


  • 5+ years of experience in product management or relevant experience
  • Minimum of 2 year experience in product management at a B2B API/SaaS company or relevant experience

What could set you apart:

  • Have deep interest in building great product experiences and have a background building customer-facing B2B SaaS products, B2B APIs or experiences.
  • An intrapreneur/entrepreneur mindset. Startup experience is a plus.
  • Bonus points for previous experience in product management experience at a fraud, identity verification or financial crimes and compliance company.
  • Casual work environment.

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