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As published on CNP, March 19, 2020


For the first time, Kount’s Digital Protection Summit ’20 will be held as a virtual event, and it’s scheduled for April 16, 2020. The Summit showcases presentations from industry leaders who will share current trends and best practices in the digital innovation and fraud protection space. Our in-person event will be back in 2021. Skip the travel and hotel reservations, and join our exciting virtual event—registration is free. Register today.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should attend:

  1. Insightful Guidance from Leading Digital Innovators

The agenda includes a packed series of smart and relevant sessions. For example, here are a few titles: “Identity Trust Global Network, Emerging Fraud, and Security Trends” and “Enabling New Revenue Channels: Omnichannel, Cross-Border, and Loyalty.” These sessions will be presented by fraud experts across a number of industries. Check out a few of our great customers who are already planning to attend the presentations:

  • Dunkin’
  • Staples
  • Fetch Rewards
  1. The Identity Trust Global Network

Kount recently launched the Identity Trust Global Network to help businesses upgrade their fraud prevention. From a website visit to login, checkout or account creation, Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network goes to work analyzing billions of identifiers to establish real-time links between identity elements in order to return identity trust decisions that provide the desired user experience ranging from low friction to blocking fraud.

A businesses’ ability to deliver accurate and personalized customer experiences is the key for increasing customer satisfaction, reducing friction, acquiring and retaining customers, as well as building and maintaining a high brand reputation. All of these positive outcomes translate into revenue, margins, and repeat business.

  1. Friendly Fraud Prevention Solution

Many businesses may not know that they have a friendly fraud problem—it’s difficult to identify it or distinguish it from criminal fraud. However, as much as 86 percent of all chargebacks can be from friendly fraud. And, it’s sobering to find that 81 percent of consumers admitted to filing a chargeback simply out of convenience.

It can seem daunting to fix a friendly fraud problem when you don’t know if you have one or how to find it in the first place. There is an important solution that is delivering measurable financial results. During the Summit, presenters will discuss the Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry program (VMPI) and how Kount’s VMPI integration delivers a significant return on investment to the tune of 3-8x ROI.

  1. Sneak Peak of Kount’s Forthcoming Announcements

We don’t want to give too much away before the big reveal, but we are counting down to a big announcement – one that will fundamentally reshape and improve your customers’ digital journeys by connecting fraud protection, cybersecurity, and customer experience. You will gain deep knowledge about this important advancement.

  1. The Summit is Live, Recorded, and FREE!

In addition to gaining knowledge you can apply directly to your business, here are a few valuable reasons to attend. You will receive:

  • Expertly crafted downloadable materials
  • Live and recorded access to all presentations
  • T-shirts for the first 250 registrants

Join the conversation and reserve your virtual seat today. Kount looks forward to welcoming you.

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