AI-Driven Digital Fraud Prevention Leader Kount Awarded New Patents - Kount

Boise, Idaho—Oct. 28, 2019— Kount, the leading AI-driven digital fraud protection provider, today announced it has been awarded three new patents so far this year, solidifying its position as the top innovator in fraud protection. The patents are titled “Establishing Unique Sessions for DNS Subscribers,” U.S. Patent No. 10,425,379, “System for Secure Enrollment and Secure Verification of Network Users by a Centralized Identification Service,” U.S. Patent No. 10,305,880, and “Authenticating Users for Accurate Online Audience Measurement,” U.S. Patent No. 10,402,854. The three newest patents bring Kount’s total number of patents to more than 30, which includes patents for device fingerprinting and proxy piercing.

Kount’s latest advancements help 6,500 global companies grow their businesses while protecting against the newest, most sophisticated digital fraud techniques. As fraud evolves to be highly complex and based in machine learning, it’s critical that fraud prevention solutions are agile and stay ahead of these attacks with advanced innovation.

“With today’s fraud landscape, we are seeing a need for merchants and digital businesses to turn to new AI-driven fraud prevention platforms,” said Steven D’Alfonso, Research Director with IDC Financial Insights. “These platforms must be flexible and configurable to meet the challenges of current and emerging payment fraud trends. Kount’s latest innovations such as its AI-driven technology are key to helping the company maintain its momentum and differentiation.”

Armed with the most effective fraud prevention solution backed by a history of patents, Kount customers are able to create new uses cases, expand geographies, and introduce new revenue channels. Kount recently released a next-generation AI solution that changes the way payments fraud prevention is delivered. Kount’s AI quickly and accurately detects existing and emerging complex fraud, and further positions Kount as a pioneer in using machine learning in transactional fraud prevention. The company has had supervised and unsupervised solutions dating back its inception over a decade ago.

“Kount is committed to enabling digital innovation for our customers while reducing chargebacks, protecting digital accounts, lowering manual reviews, and helping them accept more good orders with fewer false positives and false negatives,” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO, Kount. “Our latest patents and the release of our advanced AI solution demonstrates Kount is spearheading innovation in digital fraud prevention.”


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