Arc’teryx Partners with Kount to Rethink Fraud Prevention and Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences - Kount

Boise, Idaho—March 3, 2020Kount, the leading AI-driven fraud prevention solution, today announced that Arc’teryx, a global company specializing in technical high-performance apparel, has selected the Identity Trust Global Network to upgrade its fraud prevention and expand into new geographies while providing a frictionless and highly personalized experience for “pro” customers.

Arc’teryx recently overhauled its eCommerce business to unlock new revenue streams and bring the personalization of its department store experience to customers online. However, the company was hindered because of fraud, chargebacks, and a potentially cumbersome authentication experience that added friction to the online shopping process. Arc’teryx needed a solution that could stop fraud, drive growth, and provide personalized, VIP customer experiences.

Arc’teryx ultimately turned to Kount and its real-time Identity Trust Global Network to flip the script on fraud management. The Identity Trust Global Network links 2.7 billion fraud signals per interaction in real-time, enabling Arc’teryx to automate its fraud prevention decisions, thereby reducing manual reviews and eliminating chargebacks. What’s more, Arc’teryx isn’t just blocking bad transactions — it’s identifying trustworthy customers and delivering personalized user experiences to them.

“With Kount’s Identity Trust Network, we now have a real-time level of trust for each identity behind every customer interaction,” said Arc’teryx’s Fraud Prevention Specialist. “This has empowered our teams to effectively fight fraud while at the same time enhancing customer satisfaction by enabling personalized experiences across the full spectrum of identity trust.”

Networked Data from the real-time Identity Trust Global Network is also enabling Arc’teryx to unlock new revenue streams. For example, the apparel maker previously had limited insight into region-specific fraud patterns. With Kount, however, it has identified high-value regions where it can focus its marketing efforts, while strategically reallocating resources away from low-trust geographies where fraud is rampant.

For example, one of the biggest challenges of cross-border eCommerce is that shopping habits vary from country to country. A fraud prevention policy that works well for one region might flag perfectly good customers in another. Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network allows Arc’teryx to tap into the power of adaptive AI to deflect low-trust identities, reduce manual reviews, and eliminate chargebacks. This layered approach enables Arc’teryx to approve good transactions confidently while shutting out bad actors.

“We are pleased to partner with Arc’teryx, one of the world’s foremost high-performance apparel brands, as they deploy Kount to prevent fraud, reduce online shopping friction and increase revenue,” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO, Kount. “By customizing its policies around fraud, Arc’teryx can offer its customers a fine-tuned, VIP shopping experience.”


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Kount powers the largest Identity Trust Global Network that combines the data and intelligence from 6,500 digital business and payments providers, linked by next-generation AI to deliver real-time, adaptive fraud prevention and personalized user experiences. The Identity Trust Global Network analyzes trust and fraud signals from 32 billion annual interactions to personalize user experiences across the spectrum of identity trust – from frictionless VIP experiences to blocking fraud. Quick and accurate identity trust decisions deliver safe payments, account creation and login events, while reducing digital fraud, chargebacks, false positives, and manual reviews.





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