Four Leading Companies in Security and Fraud Prevention Partner to Create the Security, Trust, and Fraud Prevention Alliance - Kount

Kount, Appdetex, PlexTrac, and Portman Square Group today announced the Security, Trust, and Fraud Prevention Alliance to share insights, best practices, and trends in cybersecurity, digital experiences, and fraud prevention. In the premier installment of the series, Navigating the Security Transformation: A CEO Fireside Chat on Data Use & Security, attendees will hear from Kount CEO Brad Wiskirchen; Michael Baker, Chairman and CEO of Portman Square Group; Daniel DeCloss, CEO of PlexTrac; and Faisal Shah, CEO of Appdetex. The four companies are based in Boise, Idaho, making the city one of the emerging tech capitals for digital businesses.

Through the events of 2020, digital transformation and innovation have accelerated at an unprecedented clip, with years’ worth of progression in a matter of months. Businesses are left trying to juggle security and protecting digital journeys while also enabling seamless experiences for both their customers and end users. With digital acceleration comes mass amounts of data, and in turn, risk.

Appdetex, PlexTrac, Portman Square Group, and Kount are each individually devoted to security and have joined forces to….

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