How QSRs Need To Use Technology To Make Experiences Safe, Not Just Smarter - Kount

That the average experience in a quick-service restaurant (QSR) has been greatly enhanced by the addition of mobile technology is almost inarguable. The customer journey these days is frankly much smoother, much faster and a lot more rewarding. It is safe to assume that no one misses standing in line for coffee during their morning commute, nor is there anyone who has ever demanded to pay full price out of respect for the old ways when offered a free drink to reward their loyalty.

And beyond the anecdotal evidence, Kount CEO Brad Wiskirchen told Karen Webster, they can see it in their data. Kount, he noted, is partnered with many of the largest QSR brands in the world — and had a front seat for their rapid emergence of a whole host of mobile and digital transaction touchpoints that have exploded across the market in the last several years. Large, established and internationally recognized chains, he told Webster, have almost overnight seen their businesses transform from being 100 percent brick-and-mortar operations to having 60 percent of their orders coming through on digital channels.

“What we have seen with some of these QSRs, particularly when they are historically brick and mortar that then move into developing their own digital platforms or partnering with third parties on things like delivery, is that their risk profile went up. And not a little — by a lot.”

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