IXOPAY, Kount join forces for fraud protection - Kount

IXOPAY is an independent and PCI-DSS certified payment platform, while Kount protects 6,500 customers from digital payments fraud and account takeover through AI-driven fraud prevention, advanced ML trained on over 12 years of a global data network, a flexible business policy engine, and self-service analytics.

Through the integration of Kount Complete with IXOPAY’s integrated Risk Management Engine, protection for online businesses is enabled, in a bit to mitigate fraud and increase revenues. Users of IXOPAY’s platform can configure business policies in their Kount profile and connect it to IXOPAY. This is done in order to evaluate and then decline, accept, or escalate transactions. These rules can also be combined with IXOPAY’s proprietary Risk Management Engine, allowing a technical ‘four-eyes principle’, which aims to verify transactions. Moreover, the platform can either calculate a combined score based on the results of the risk assessment in both systems or completely outsource risk analysis to Kount Complete while processing transactions via IXOPAY.

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