Kount: Best AI-Powered Chargeback Protection Global 2020 - Kount

As published on CFI.co May 28, 2020

Digital innovations are opening a realm of possibilities once confined to science fiction – but sometimes accompanied by risk. US-based firm Kount develops comprehensive fraud-prevention solutions powered by AI and machine learning. The company has deep domain expertise, with 30+ patents granted over its 13-year history. Kount combines four defensive elements to ensure solid protection and a seamless fit with customer needs. Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network compiles data from multiple verticals and geographies to empower informed, real-time decision-making. Its machine-learning models harness predictive capabilities that isolate and flag behavioural anomalies, while a control centre allows clients to customise options. Analytics processes winnow business performance to uncover new revenue streams and strengthen marketing strategies. Based in Boise, Idaho, Kount serves a global market of 6,500 businesses in 250 countries and territories, across 75 industries. It crafts cyber-armour to combat “friendly” fraud associated with consumer chargebacks, providing peace-of-mind for merchants and retailers with the all-in-one Kount Complete package. Payment processors can integrate Kount Central into their platforms, and the company offers a chargeback guarantee to stabilise costs and promote growth. The CFI.co judging panel is pleased to present Kount with the 2020 award for Best AI-Powered Chargeback Protection (Global).

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