Kount, the leader in fraud prevention and identity trust, today announced a new podcast called 5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud. The weekly show features the top five headlines in cybersecurity, fraud prevention, eCommerce and payments, as well as an interview with industry experts breaking down key topics. The new podcast equips listeners with best practices and insights to advance digital innovation and enhance fraud prevention strategies.

The podcast comes at an important time, as this year has brought an unprecedented shift to digital commerce and experiences. This digital acceleration marks a permanent change in consumer behavior and expectations, and businesses must transform to stay ahead. Businesses engaged in eCommerce are introducing new digital experiences, creating new revenue channels, adopting new delivery methods, and need to protect each of these areas from fraud. The 5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud podcast helps businesses and industry members understand the best practices in cybersecurity and fraud prevention in a quick, easy-to-consume weekly format.

The podcast, which premieres new episodes on Thursdays, will feature experts from Kount as well as leading payment service providers and gateways, enterprises, industry leaders and more. 5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud is launching on September 24 with headliner episodes featuring:

  • What businesses can do about account takeovers that threaten the customer experience
  • How insurance providers can improve the digital experience
  • Why businesses need to step up protections against friendly fraud

“Kount is deeply invested in helping businesses protect against emerging and existing fraud throughout the customer journey, from account protection to payment fraud prevention to bot detection. With 2020’s rapid digital acceleration, companies and entire industries are transforming,” said Gary Sevounts, Chief Marketing Officer, Kount. “Kount has been at the forefront of digital innovation for the last 13 years, working with over 9,000 companies globally and across 75-plus verticals. With the 5 Trends, 5 Minutes: Cyber & Fraud podcast, the Kount team is looking forward to sharing news, trends, and best practices on fraud, cybersecurity, and eCommerce trends as they’re happening.”

From the risks contactless payments create to bots snatching orders and fake drivers’ IDs flooding the USA, no topic is off limits. Listeners can find and subscribe to the podcast on all portals and apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Blubrry, PodBean, and more. For more ways to subscribe to the podcast, please go to: kount.com/podcast/subscribe

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