Kount Releases Three-Layer Fraud Prevention System - Kount

As published in Retail TouchPoints, March 19, 2020

Kount, a fraud prevention solution provider, has launched Kount Control, a protective solution designed to stop account takeover fraud. Kount Control is aimed at helping companies combat malicious logins and bots, credential stuffing and brute force attacks while also enabling personalized customer experiences through an adaptive friction model.

The solution is comprised of three layers, which are aimed at creating a comprehensive solution that can assist with fraud detection and prevention:

  • Protection: This layer is designed to evaluate user behavior, device and network anomalies to detect high-risk, anomalous login activity such as bots, credential stuffing and brute force attacks;
  • Policy and customization: These tools can help retailers reduce friction by identifying and segmenting users based on common characteristics, such as VIP users or trial users, with a dataset that includes options such as device specifics, IP risk and geolocation; and
  • Reporting and data presentation: Kount Control provides login trend data that includes device and IP information, which aims to help retailers identify and report on failed login attempts, risky IPs, compromised accounts and other anomalies.
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