Kount Unveils Two New Fraud-Fighting Products at Annual IRCE - Kount

BOISE, Idaho – Kount Inc. unveiled two new fraud-fighting products today at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE), the largest annual tradeshow in the U.S. for e-retailers being held June 15-19 in Boston.

Last year, Kount launched a complete fraud detection system that has proven to be effective in battling the most sophisticated forms of online crime. Having quickly gained recognition for the patented technologies within the system, the company has created an a la carte menu of the technologies and bundled them into a new product called Kount XTV℠. Among the technologies included in XTV℠ are Kount’s new multi-layer device fingerprinting, and its latest real-time proxy detection technology.

Kount Chief Operating Officer Steven Rouse said the new product is targeted at merchants who have existing fraud detection systems in place but are looking to enhance them with the latest technologies. Kount XTV exposes important variables that other device fingerprinting services typically have kept secret. By providing these new variables to merchants in real-time, XTV allows fraud managers to create more predictive business rules that increase the effectiveness of their fraud detection and prevention systems.

“Kount XTV’s patented, real-time technologies can deliver on-demand data elements that will enhance the accuracy of existing predictive modeling strategies,” said Rouse. “What’s more, Kount XTV’s extended variables can be easily integrated into rule-based systems to provide an additional layer of security for online transactions.”

Referring to device fingerprinting technology, Rouse said, “Device fingerprinting, while a useful tool, is only one part of the solution. Devices don’t commit fraud, people do. Kount provides a way to identify devices and the fraudsters who use them.”

The second product released by Kount today refers more to a program than a product. It’s Kount’s Global Licensing Program (Kount GLP™) and it allows companies to license Kount’s patented technologies, including device finger printing and proxy piercing.

According to Rouse, some larger retailers and service providers prefer to build rather than buy technologies around fraud detection and prevention. Kount’s licensing program is designed to provide others with access to its intellectual property. The program includes consulting services to help licensees design and build effective tools using the core patented technologies it has developed over the years.

Rouse and other Kount executives will be on hand to discuss Kount XTV and the licensing program at IRCE 2009 in Boston at the Convention & Exhibition Center, Booth #612 , June 15-19. For more information, visit www.kount.com.

About Kount

Kount® is the most advanced fraud-fighting technology available today. Developed by Keynetics Inc. with online and catalog merchant needs in mind, Kount defends against both traditional and emerging fraud threats. Kount defeats botnets and other organized crime using a formidable array of tools including two patented technologies – device fingerprinting, and proxy-piercing – along with Dynamic Scoring™, geolocation techniques, and real-time data streams from websites all across the globe.

Kount provides merchants with maximum risk management control and flexibility, while automating costly manual review processes to improve the bottom line. For more information about Kount, please visit www.kount.com.


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