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As Published in Chain Store Age, March 4, 2020


Arc’teryx is automating fraud detection and analysis to ensure smooth global growth.

The Canadian retailer, named for the first reptile to develop feathers for flight, recently overhauled its e-commerce business to prepare for continued global expansion and increase customer personalization. However, the company was hindered because of fraud, chargebacks, and a potentially cumbersome authentication experience that added friction to the online shopping process.

To overcome these obstacles, Arc’teryx is rolling out the artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Identity Trust Global Network fraud management solution from Kount. The solution links 2.7 billion fraud signals per interaction in real-time, enabling Arc’teryx to automate its fraud prevention decisions, reducing manual reviews and eliminating chargebacks.

In addition to blocking fraudulent and suspicious transactions, Arc’teryx is also leveraging Kount technology to identify trustworthy customers and deliver personalized user experiences to them.

Networked data from the real-time Identity Trust Global Network is also enabling Arc’teryx to unlock new revenue streams. For example, the retailer previously had limited insight into region-specific fraud patterns. Now, it is able to identify high-value regions where it can focus its marketing efforts, while strategically reallocating resources away from low-trust geographies where fraud is rampant.

Furthermore, Arc’teryx utilizes the Identity Trust Global Network’s adaptive AI capabilities to detect fraud patterns which vary from country to country depending on regional shopping habits.

“With Kount’s Identity Trust Network, we now have a real-time level of trust for each identity behind every customer interaction,” said Arc’teryx’s fraud prevention specialist. “This has empowered our teams to effectively fight fraud while at the same time enhancing customer satisfaction by enabling personalized experiences across the full spectrum of identity trust.”

Arc’teryx distributes products through more than 3,000 retail locations worldwide, including over 50 branded stores, as well as its e-commerce site.

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