Spark + AI Summit 2019 Taps Kount’s AI Science Team for Best Practices in Machine Learning and AI-driven Results - Kount

Kount, a leading fraud prevention solution, today announced that two of its team members will speak at the Spark + AI Summit, taking place April 23-25, 2019 in downtown San Francisco. The event is the largest data and machine learning conference in the world and brings together developers, data engineers, data scientists, and decision-makers to collaborate at the intersection of data and machine learning. Josh Johnston, Director of AI Science at Kount, and Noah Pritikin, lead Site Reliability Engineer for the AI Team, will discuss how Kount uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect the digital innovations of 6,500 customers from digital fraud.

Johnston speaks at 1:40 p.m. on Wed., Apr. 24, and will describe how Kount cut model training time from two days to two hours, reduced failed runs, and tracks experiments better with MLflow. Ultimately, moving Kount to the Spark ecosystem converted an ad hoc and hands-on training process into a fully repeatable pipeline that meets regulatory and business goals for traceability and speed.

“Fundamentally, science must be repeatable. The tools and processes we use for performing machine learning at Kount ensures best practices of rigorous scientific inquiry,” said Johnston.

Pritikin takes the stage at 3:20 p.m. on Wed., Apr. 24, to discuss Kount’s real-time architecture for machine learning execution with MLeap. His talk describes a way to bring a machine learning model that was trained in Apache Spark for use in production. This architecture provides reliability, scalability, traceability and model governance throughout the entire lifecycle while cutting execution time by nearly two-thirds.

“At Kount, we provide our customers with innovative machine learning solutions that have ‘real-time’ requirements. In order to accomplish this, we created a reliable, yet scalable, architecture that can deliver fraud predictions in less than 20ms, 99% of the time. A core component of our architecture is MLeap,” said Pritkin. “It enables us to deploy Spark-generated models into production while delivering on our customers’ latency expectations.”

The Kount team’s participation at the Spark + AI Summit demonstrates the fraud prevention solutions’ leading and innovative use of AI and machine learning. Kount employs both supervised and unsupervised machine learning to provide its global customers with advanced fraud prevention to protect against payments fraud, account takeover, and new account creation fraud. This technology combines with a data network with 12+ years of detail, a flexible policy engine, and self-service analytics.


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