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As published on The Tech Blog Writer May 6, 2020

Rich L. Stuppy, the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Kount, joins me on today’s episode of Tech Talks Daily. For more than a decade, Rich has been involved in developing fraud mitigation, compliance, and big data strategies.

Rich came to Kount after 14 years with a fortune 50 retailer. His background in enterprise-class systems, machine learning, and analytics have shaped Kount’stechnology into an industry-leading platform helping clients scale their business while at the same time reducing fraud, risk, and loss.

In his role as Chief Customer Experience Officer, Rich is responsible for client success, data analytics, and ensuring KKount’susers have the best customer experience. Collaborating directly with customers, he works to inform Kount’s product roadmap, identify new and emerging threats, and drive innovation for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Rich L. Stuppy

Rich regularly works with executives from all areas of the commerce, payments, and fraud-prevention ecosystems to discover trends and develop strategies that create value. Rich is a highly sought-after speaker for industry events and has addressed audiences around the world on several topics surrounding payments and fraud.

I learn more about how Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network delivers real-time fraud prevention, account protection, and enables personalized customer experiences to more than 6,500 leading brands and payment providers.

We also discuss how Kount Control is leveraging technology to help retailers and banks personalize their customer’s experiences based on the level of trust present within every interaction — from account creation to login, payments, and every step in between.

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