What 36 Payments Executives Wish For The World In 2021 - Kount

It started with a simple premise. PYMNTS asked a cross-section of the companies we work with to give us their take on their wishes for the world as we approach 2021. In addition, we wanted to know how these companies and executives were planning for a new era when businesses and the economy start to bounce back.

Lest anyone think the responses were predictable and safe, think again. What we heard from this group was inspiring, hopeful and promising. It’s not just the potential end of the pandemic that created this output. It was the sum total of a year that was part tragic, part dramatic and all exceptional as the digital-first economy galloped toward its fulfillment and arguably saved the overall economic picture from looking a lot worse than it did. As one executive writing for this project put it, 2020 represented “innovation under adversity.”


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