What Needs To Be In A CIO's Communication Framework For COVID-19 - Kount

As published in Forbes, March 31, 2020

Bottom Line: CIOs are keeping the digital lifelines open for every business while enabling employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic, often relying on communication frameworks to keep everyone informed.

What’s On CIOs’ Communication Frameworks

Realizing that uncertainty over IT is a potential roadblock in keeping an entire organization running, contingency teams also placed a high priority on having a robust communication framework. Supporting their full company’s workforce who is working from home while providing production teams with the data they need makes the CIOs’ communication framework essential for continued operations.

Manufacturers shared with me confidentially their communication frameworks, and Info-Tech Research Group’s framework The Essential Ten-Step Guide to Building & Communicating Your CIO Strategy for COVID-19 most closely matches what they’re using today. The following is their long-term pandemic IT initiative overview:

Here are several key insights from their framework:

  • Helping customers need to be the highest priority of all, and a CIOs’ communication framework needs to reflect and reinforce how this gets done.
  • Fast-track cybersecurity projects and secure each device because they are now the security perimeter of your business.
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