How to Strengthen the Digital Customer Journey

October 4, 2018

You’ve heard the counsel “with great power comes great responsibility”, and it applies just as much to the digital customer journey and your role in strategy development as it does to Peter’s supernatural journey. 

Whether your role is in UX, eCommerce, payments, risk and fraud or leading from the C-Suite, you can step up and be a hero in your company. Be a strategic part of the digital transformation – be a builder as well as a protector. Building the brand experience to a point where customers transform into brand ambassadors all while protecting the organization from growing threats of friendly and criminal fraud.

Check out our latest 2 Minutes on Fraud video below as Rich Stuppy and Tricia Phillips discuss the importance of strengthening the digital customer journey.

Rich Stuppy

Being able to elevate the brand and protect invisibly is really the hard part. It comes down to designing protections from the very beginning. Then every step of the way, and every use case at every interaction point, you’ve laid the foundation of protection in a way that delights good customers.

We all know that a very large part of hero-making is preparation – just like Spiderman, you need to acquire and refine powers. Responsibly. The holidays are coming and now is the time to prepare for this tidal wave of opportunity and risk. Join Gymboree, LUSH and Whitepages Pro on October 18th for Kount’s webinar “How to Prepare for Digital Fraud This Holiday Season”.

How to Prepare for Digital Fraud