Money 20/20

December 21, 2018

Gaming is a massive industry, expanding year after year and elevating the activity to the level of professional sports—complete with star gamers earning the kind of money that makes their parents sorry to have ever threatened to take the controller away. With the industry’s success, the threat of fraudulent activity (from cheaters to hackers) has exploded.

Watch as Brad Wiskirchen, CEO of Kount, chats with gaming industry experts on the 2018 Money20/20 “Hate the Fraudster, Not the Game” panel about ways to prevent account takeover without turning your best customers into former ones.

You’ll find the following points of particular interest when it comes to account security:

  • Password protection isn’t solely on the gamer’s shoulders. Gaming companies have the responsibility to protect accounts—but that goes well beyond a password.
  • In an industry where the purchaser and the user are often different (kids using a parent’s credit card), gaming companies need to work even harder to understand who their customers are and differentiate them with profiles.
  • For success, determine your risk appetite and set thresholds for approvals accordingly.

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