Spring Activity Guide: Kount Edition

April 10, 2018

Spring is in the air and everything is in full bloom – including fraud. This season, fraudsters are in full force attacking industries and public organizations from all sides.

So along with other Spring activity guides that inform you about the best parks to visit or spring break beach reads, we’ve got a guide for springing ahead of fraud before it happens.

Where to Go: Your Local (or Destination!) Fraud 360 Event

Kount is back at it again with our award-winning Payments & Fraud 360 World Tour. Merchants are invited to this free half-day, live seminars where leading industry experts address the most pressing issues in fraud trends, global transaction insights, eCommerce data, and changes in the payment landscape.

With sponsors such as Paypal’s Braintree and Chargebacks911, upcoming stops for the 2018 edition include Tel Aviv, Boston and New York, along with Roundtable luncheon events in Boston, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Austin, and many others. Get more tour dates, stops, and details here.

What to Read: The latest on combatting fraud in Omni-Channel Commerce and Health and Beauty

Get your reading rainbow on with these new eBooks, “Omni-Channel Means Omni-Fraud” and “Nourish Sales and Exfoliate Fraud”: 

Omni-Channel Means Omni-Fraud

Ninety percent of retailers allow customers to shop across many channels, but only 46% are managing fraud across those channels. Capitalizing on omni-channel retailing requires significant enhancements to multiple systems – supply chain, logistics, inventory, warehousing, marketing, payments and, one of the most important systems, fraud prevention. Read about what omni-channel merchants need to do stay strategic and thwart opportunities for criminals to rapidly employ costly fraud attacks.

Nourish Sales and Exfoliate Fraud

Products for glowing skin aren’t just for beauty junkies – they’ve seem to caught the attention of fraudsters. Online criminals have been increasingly paying attention to the strong growth in the online health and beauty market. Put on a facemask and discover the unique challenges of and top strategies for combatting fraud in the health and beauty industry.

What to Listen to:  Webinar on Visa Claims Resolution (VCR), Visa’s New Chargeback Process

Feeling intimidated by all the changes from Visa’s new chargeback process? Join industry experts from Chargebacks911 and Kount as we provide information and answers. This webinar is your opportunity to get a good overall look at VCR and discover what it means for your business. Join us for this live event on Thursday, April 12that 1:00 pm EST. Register for the virtual webinar here.