Today’s Top Fraud Fighting Solutions Are Not Created Equal: Kount vs. ThreatMetrix

May 18, 2018

Kount continues its review of the enterprise fraud market with a comparative analysis of ThreatMetrix®. Building upon The Paypers’ recently published “Web Fraud Prevention & Online Authentication Market Guide” for 2017-2018, Kount has created the graph below to illustrate where the two solutions are similar and where they are unique. The Paypers asked each vendor to identify key features falling under six general categories, including: Technology Platform, Methodology, Intelligence, Digital Identity Verifications, Online Authentication and Other.

The comparison provides a stark view of differentiated fraud-fighting techniques and strategies.

From a feature perspective, ThreatMetrix falls short in the Digital Identity Verification and Intelligence categories. Specifically, under the Digital Identity Verification Category, The Paypers highlights that ThreatMetrix does not provide its customers with support including Personable Identifiable Information (PII) Validation and Small Transaction Verification. The Paypers also illustrates that under the Intelligence category, ThreatMetrix was not able to offer recommended recovery features.

On a broader level, ThreatMetrix and Kount differ in how they deliver their solutions.  Kount, with its patented machine learning (ML) technology is widely recognized as a SaaS-based enterprise solution. ThreatMetrix, in comparison, is categorized as a point-solution.

For specific applications, adopting a point solution might be appropriate.  However, as fraud continues to change, it becomes increasingly difficult for merchants to rely on point solution tools to deter fraud on a consistent basis.  For instance, with a point solution, when a merchant recognizes a gap within its fraud strategy, they need to identify additional feature-specific tools and patch together disparate products in an attempt to create a complete the system.  Often times, several products are necessary. This process can slow the response time, leave room for inaccuracies, and drive up costs.

Another benefit of implementing an enterprise, all-in-one solution is reliability.  For example, Kount’s solution is amongst the leaders in uptime.  Having a reliable, highly available platform is critical to ensuring a frictionless user experience and confidence in transaction decisioning.

The benefits of adopting an enterprise solution is that merchants are ensured the technology works seamlessly together.  Because Kount is a SasS offering, it is continually updated and introduces new, complimentary technology that addresses the changing tactics of fraud on a regular basis.  Kount’s platform supports customization, domain expertise, and machine learning to fight fraud, increase acceptance of legitimate orders pushing revenue higher, and protect the merchant’s business.  This protection results in a reduction of fraudulent orders, chargebacks, and manual reviews.

As published in The Payper’s Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide.