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US Government Warns Consumers to be Aware of Scammers as Paper Stimulus Checks Hit the Mail

Government agencies are warning about potential fraud attempts as consumers receive their stimulus checks. The article gives recommendations on how to protect individuals and business from fraud attacks.

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Nintendo Accounts Accessed in Hacking Attempts

More than 160,000 Nintendo Network accounts have been affected by hacking attempts. Nintendo says login IDs and passwords obtained illegally have been used since the beginning of April to gain access to the accounts. Nicknames, date of birth, country, and email addresses may have been accessed during the breach and some accounts have experienced fraudulent purchases.

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McKinsey Research: How COVID-19 is Impacting Consumer Behavior

Consumers are adopting new online behaviors that could continue after the COVID-19 shutdown dissipates. Some are turning to websites they never visited previously for the basics (14%), shopping at a new grocery store (20%), adopting curbside restaurant and store pickup (15% and 19% for new and increased users), and using video conference software professionally and personally for the first time (21% and 23% for new and increased users).

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Weekly eCommerce
and Fraud Tracker

Kount continues to track the impact of coronavirus on consumer spending habits.

Check out the updated data:

  • Online gaming and wireless industries show a surge in demand for in-home entertainment. As of April, there is a 67% month over month increase in demand in this sector.
  • U.S. eCommerce transaction volume reached higher than the peak holiday shopping season (Black Friday – Cyber Monday, 2019).
  • Pandemic preparing means consumers want items faster
    Requests for next-day or two-day expedited shipping has increased 183% week over week.


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Kount Updates
and News

Kount’s Leading Fraud Prevention Solution is Featured in the 2020 Paladin Vendor Report

Paladin’s overview discusses how AI-driven decisions can stop fraud accurately and in real-time to prevent chargebacks and account takeovers.

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Watch the Digital Protection Summit 2020

Kount’s virtual event is available on demand. Hear from Gartner’s Jonathan Care, learn about emerging trends and the latest on AI-driven fraud prevention.

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