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Changing nature of DDOS – From Outage to Theft
Fraud is changing approaches to DDOS attacks. From targeting service outages, the attacks are now used to steal money and data. The article reveals that 47% of account takeover (ATO) attacks were aimed at loyalty programs and streaming services, where bad actors attempted to use stolen credentials to gain unauthorized access to online accounts to carry out malicious actions such as data theft, identity fraud or fraudulent e-commerce transactions.
Voice-Enabled Fraud Could Be the Next Big Opportunity For Criminals
Forbes: Voice has the power to transform the customer experience, especially when it comes to consumer security and authentication practices. While the conversational economy presents many new opportunities, it doesn’t come without risks – voice fraud is continuing to impact contact centers.

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Weekly eCommerce
and Fraud Tracker

In recent weeks, digital transactions at restaurants continue to grow as consumers adapt to mobile order-ahead and create new loyalty accounts.

Other new eCommerce trends this week show:

  • Wellness and vitamin purchases rise sharply to 56% YoY
  • Gaming and Streaming is up 58% from February average
  • Sporting goods transactions grow as families pursue at-home activities

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Kount Updates
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Rich Stuppy, Kount’s Chief Customer Experience Officer, was featured in a fireside chat with Wolfe Research to discuss recent eComm/Omni trends, card-not-present (CNP) fraud, and services including offerings that improve fraud and authorization rates.
A recent Kount webinar highlighted how to enable 3DS2 compliance with reduced costs and positive customer experiences. This session discussed how online businesses can take advantage of the liability shift offered by 3-D Secure for customer authentication, while using a robust AI-driven fraud prevention solution to protect all points of the customer journey and deliver a low-friction experience.
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