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A Desire To Steal Money Continues To Be the Leading Motivator Behind Cyber Attacks

According to Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report, financial gain compels people to engage in fraud. The report was announced the same day that EasyJet revealed hackers stole the personal data of 9 million customers, including the credit card details of more than 2,000 people.

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Are Passwords Providing Necessary Security?

Cameras, sensors, accelerometers, geolocation, 24/7 internet access and more are all convenient, but are people properly securing their accounts? To find out what people think about the use of new digital security methods such as biometrics, FICO commissioned an independent survey of over 5,000 people across 10 countries.

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Mastercard Joins ID2020 Alliance – A Global Partnership Dedicated to Enabling Access to a Trusted Form of Legal Identity

The global partnership accelerates access to and adoption of digital identity solutions. Individuals are logging in to a range of digital services – social media, entertainment streaming, telemedicine and remote learning, to name just a few. What is critical in each of these interactions is the role that identity plays in enabling trust and the need to prove identity safely and conveniently, from any location.

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eCommerce Transaction Volume Increases as US Economy Reopens

Gaming and wireless eCommerce transactions continue to accelerate, now up 76% over the February average. And while restaurant transactions also increased, many industries are beginning to plateau.

Other new eCommerce trends this week reveal:

  • Quick service restaurants climb 33% over the February average
  • Crafts and wine remain up 754% compared to 2019
  • Pet supplies are up 305% from the February average

Read the full update to see the impact of gradual reopening on U.S. eCommerce.

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Kount is Named to JMP Elite 80 List for 2020’s Hottest Privately Held Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure Companies

The JMP Elite 80 list highlights the most interesting and strategically positioned private companies in the cybersecurity and IT infrastructure industries. Kount is the only digital fraud prevention company included on the list.

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Forbes Quotes Kount’s latest eCommerce Trends, Spring 2020 Report

Kount’s report quantifies the high growth that eCommerce and online retailing is experiencing today. Yet, eCommerce’s explosive growth is attracting fraud.

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The Best Place to Start Fighting Fraud Is at the First Interaction, Not the Order Form

In a recent Digital Transactions Magazine issue, CEO Brad Wiskirchen writes, “As digital innovation continues to scale and customers expect less friction as they complete checkouts, businesses must take a multifaceted approach to fraud prevention that spans the entire customer journey.” (page 38).

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