What Is Your Downtime Costing You?

November 7, 2018

It’s getting cold. What would it look like if your house provided protection from the elements 99% of the time? Seven hours of exposure every month. Imagine removing your roof, all of your windows and turning off the heat for the majority of the day. Hypothermia sets in quick.

Like our bodies, businesses also struggle with exposure. Watch as Melayna Gabiou, Marketing Director at Kount, breaks down the business impact of fraud prevention downtime and shows how a 99% uptime is not good enough.

2 Minutes on Fraud
Kount targets zero planned and unplanned downtime with an impressive track record for uptime. Ask your fraud prevention provider how many nines of uptime they have. If they experience frequent and lengthy outages, financial losses are inevitable and it’s time to look elsewhere.