How to Catch and Prosecute eCommerce Fraudsters

Does catching and prosecuting eCommerce Fraudsters really help my company? Yes, it does. eCommerce fraud prevention also helps clean up the online shopping landscape for customers and for other merchants – get involved and you can call yourself a superhero. 

Kount asked Skip Myers, the Director of Loss Prevention at Micro Center and Chad Evans, the Manager of eCommerce Investigations at PetSmart to share best practices and first- hand success stories with building, submitting cases and engaging with law enforcement to not only catch fraudsters, but to bring them to justice. They tell all in Kount’s white paper Insider Hacks: How to Catch and Prosecute Fraudsters.

The reason that catching and prosecuting fraudsters brings ROI to your organization is outlined in the formula below:

A Formula That Helps eCommerce and Your Organization


Because 80 percent of hackers leverage crime rings, law enforcement is very interested in evidence that online retailers can provide to build a case. Myers, a retired detective has a unique perspective, “This is a fight against criminals. You have to decide is it really going to be a fight where you turn the tables and take the fight back to them?” Both Myers and Evans use the information that Kount, their fraud detection solution, provides to work with law enforcement and bring criminals to justice.

But how exactly are they building a case with law enforcement?

5 Steps to Build a Case


Evans puts minds at ease about the 5-step process, “You don’t need a master’s degree in statistics to work through the evidence. Simple steps can lead you to bread crumbs, so you can go back and start digging for information.”.

Regarding step #3, “Provide the Evidence”, an all-in-one fraud detection platform like Kount gives retailers the insights, linkages and evidence that law enforcement requires to prosecute criminals. Evans outlines just how big of an impact can be made,

“Partnership with Kount has allowed PetSmart to avoid significant fraud losses as well as prosecute multiple criminals. Over the course of 2017, Kount contributed to the cancellation of nearly $4M in fraudulent orders.

Additionally, Kount allowed us to identify a multi-state fraud ring involving 13 separate addresses that led to the submission of an investigation to the FBI involving human trafficking.

Furthermore, another investigation that was identified was submitted to the New York State Police where the charges against the fraudster were used as leverage to secure his testimony against an individual accused of murdering a NYPD police officer.”

Download the Insider Hacks white paper and learn step-by-step from Myers and Evans how to catch and prosecute eCommerce criminals.


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