Kount Ranked as Leader in 2020 Frost & Sullivan eCommerce Fraud Prevention Radar Report

Kount ranked as a leader for growth and innovation in the new 2020 Frost & Sullivan eCommerce Fraud Prevention Radar Report. The report placed Kount first among solutions that go beyond chargeback guarantees in the U.S. eCommerce market.

“Kount has been noted for its strong growth and innovation performance in our analysis. The company has a proven track record and is solely focused on fraud protection, enabling agility in innovation,” says Vikrant Gandhi, Industry Director, Information & Communications Technologies, Frost & Sullivan. “Kount has experienced rapid growth across many verticals, leading to its favorable positioning along the growth index. Recently introduced innovations, such as advanced AI and the Friendly Fraud Prevention Solution featuring the Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) program help strengthen the company’s long-term growth outlook.”

The Frost Radar report delivers an analysis of leading fraud prevention providers by measuring their growth strategy and track record, as well as these companies’ ability to develop innovative global solutions that are aligned with mega trends and customers’ changing needs.

Frost & Sullivan Recommends 3 Key Elements for Effective Fraud Prevention

The report’s market overview determines that the U.S. eCommerce fraud prevention market is on a growth trajectory: eCommerce sales are expected to generate more than $700 billion in the country by 2023. However, the online environment is the primary channel for fraud, since it is easy to exploit card-not-present payments.

Frost & Sullivan reports that eCommerce fraud prevention solutions “provide the core intelligence essential to helping organizations address fraud and security challenges.” They recommend that effective fraud prevention solutions provide these 3 key elements:

  1. Real-time fraud prevention tools are critical. The effectiveness of an eCommerce fraud prevention solution depends on the variety and volume of available customer data.
  2. Fraud prevention tools help digital retailers deliver personalized, intelligent customer experiences that ensure loyalty and boost revenue. The report concludes that advanced business intelligence tools and capabilities will remain a primary product evolution focus of the leading fraud prevention solution providers.
  3. Strategic partnerships are essential for addressing customer requirements.

Kount Is a Market Leader in Innovative Fraud Prevention

How does Kount measure up? Frost & Sullivan found that Kount is a market leader at the forefront of innovation.

Company Highlights Strengths
As a global company, Kount works with more than 6,500 brands, 40 payment and gateway providers, and in 230+ countries and territories. Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network includes 13 years of data and comprises billions of transactions across large customer and partner networks. Data is an important differentiator built across:

  • Verticals, industries, companies, locations and product types

Kount’s AI and ML analyze data across the network, finding patterns and behaviors

Kount specializes in account creation, payment fraud, and account takeover fraud solutions. Kount drives real-time transactions, without blocking legitimate transactions, understands risk, and helps its customers gain visibility into their transactions, aiding in model management and governance for compliance-conscious clients.

The report concludes that Kount exhibits exceptionally strong growth and performance, proving a track record of agility in innovation. With rapid growth across many verticals, Frost & Sullivan positions Kount favorably along the Growth index. In addition, with recently introduced innovations, including advanced AI-driven eCommerce Fraud Prevention and the Friendly Fraud Prevention Solution featuring the Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry Program, Kount’s long-term growth outlook looks strong.

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