Kount’s COVID-19 Response and Business Continuity Message

Kount is committed to providing a great customer experience for customers and partners. Business continuity is a key component of customer experience. In light of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation, here is an update on ongoing plans to minimize the impact of this event.

A formal Pandemic Plan that Kount developed years ago is tested annually. In addition, Kount is following Centers for Disease Control guidelines and almost all staff is working remotely for social distancing reasons. Kount’s pandemic plan includes contingency actions if members of the team are unable to work. Thus far, this has not been necessary.

Kount has always maintained highly available systems and processes to ensure crisis readiness. In the last year, the company invested over 500 hours upgrading and improving corporate infrastructure to confirm all business activities could be performed remotely in a secure fashion. No disruptions to business practices have occurred with the move to remote work.

Kount continues to be vigilant against fraud attacks and is closely monitoring emerging fraud types and trends. In addition, the company will follow established procedures to ensure customers and partners have the best possible customer experience.

During these uncertain times, Kount remains committed to supporting the industry, employees, and customers, and sends best wishes for safety and well-being.

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