Today’s Top Fraud Fighting Solutions Are Not Created Equal: Kount vs. Accertify

As a part of our ongoing comparison of the fraud-fighting market, we look at Accertify under the microscope as compared to Kount. Like the first two comparisons with CyberSource and Sift Science, Kount performed a side-by-side comparison with Accertify and its own fraud and risk management solution. This comparison is based on The Paypers recently published “Web Fraud Prevention & Online Authentication Market Guide” for 2017-2018 that evaluated the vendors based on several categories, including:

  • Technology Platform
  • Methodology
  • Intelligence
  • Digital Identity Verification
  • Online Authentication

Accertify is built around its Interceptas® platform that acts as the basis for its fraud, chargeback management, and payment gateway solutions. According to The Paypers, Accertify and Kount match up similarly when evaluating the two fraud solutions features.

While similar on a feature level, Kount stands tall when it comes to reliability. Merchants are exposed to increased risk of fraud losses, manual reviews and unnecessary chargebacks if a merchant’s fraud solution provider is prone to outages. Kount’s reliability, an industry leading high availability recognized at 99.99691% uptime over the past three years, or less than 2.2 minutes of downtime per month, is a hallmark, and a testament to its technology and commitment to its ever-expanding global customer base.

This reliability speaks to how Kount’s solution is developed and delivered to the client. Kount Complete™ is a comprehensive and patent-rich solution in comparison to many of today’s fraud solutions that have expanded their breadth of services by cobbling together various tools and technologies from multiple providers. This “workbench” approach creates several problems that not only impact an organization’s fraud practices but influences other aspects of their business. These include:

  • The initial setup is slowed from hours and days to entire months. This delay adds additional costs, including a drain on internal resources and budgets.
  • A slowdown in service level agreement response speeds (10+ seconds vs. milliseconds). Delaying the approval of a consumer has a negative impact on the customer experience and can attribute to a loss of brand loyalty.
  • Cumbersome maintenance. The ongoing maintenance of supporting a patchwork of solutions typically requires longer integration periods, complicated maintenance and management, and increased costs to account for the compound effect of having multiple technologies. 

Kount’s all-in-one strategy has been recognized by merchants around the world as easy to implement and easy to use. Our core stack of technology was built from the ground up to maximize response time, accuracy, and information available to the merchant while minimizing downtime and integration of unique merchant data or 3rd party data service providers.

As published in The Payper’s Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide.

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