Today’s Top Fraud Fighting Solutions Are Not Created Equal

Shopping for a fraud prevention solution is a complex proposition. Making sure that the provider selected has the right approach, technology stack, experience and industry wisdom that will work for your business can be daunting. Luckily, The Paypers recently published its 6th annual “Web Fraud Prevention & Online Authentication Market Guide” for 2017-2018. The report analyzes the latest fraud prevention and authentication trends, as well as identifies the companies that are making an impact.

Focused on fraud and risk management, Kount extracted the shared information for each competitor and compiled a side by side feature comparison, including:

While each company has specific strengths and weaknesses, the comparison charts illustrate how companies stack up from a feature perspective.  Over the course of several weeks, Kount will be illustrating each vendor in comparison to Kount’s offerings.

These competitor comparison blogs will include Kount vs Accertify, Kount vs CyberSource, Kount vs Easy Solutions, Kount vs Iovation, Kount vs Sift Science, and Kount vs Signifyd.

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