Account Takeovers Will Cost The Gaming Industry Billions in 2021

  • According to Gambling Insider, 99% of account takeover is fixed by the implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA), but it’s not ideal in terms of user experience.
  • Kount recommends a risk-based authentication (RBA) approach. By establishing identity trust at ever interaction, it streamlines the customer experience while protecting accounts and transactions.
  • Learn more about stopping account takeover. 

Even After Vaccine 75% of US Consumers Still Want A Digital-First Shopping Experience

  • According to PYMNTS, 54 percent of consumers who have moved at least one of their routine activities online since the pandemic began are very interested in getting vaccinated, but roughly three-quarters of them still do not plan to go back to shopping in stores the way they did prior to March 2020.
  • It’s critical for retailers to invest in digital innovations to continue to provide digital shopping options. Fraud detection is the cornerstone of digital customer experiences.

Stimulus Check Visa Debit Cards Being Mailed To 8 Million Households

  • The Economic Impact Payment cards were issued as part of the second round of COVID-19 stimulus money.
  • With millions of debit cards being introduced, scammers will do anything they can to get their hands-on card numbers, including using malicious bots to run card testing operations.
  • Businesses need to protect against the use of stolen credentials on eCommerce platforms. Next-generation AI protects against new and existing fraud attacks.

Department Stores Continue Slide as Nordstrom Reports 22% Holiday Drop

  • Showing the continued struggles of retail stores in the pandemic era, Nordstrom reported a 22 percent net sales decline for the nine-week holiday period that ended Jan. 2.
  • As eCommerce becomes more of a requirement in today’s world, businesses need to focus on their digital customer experience and be able to maintain the same level of service as they would a face-to-face interaction. Data on Demand is key in getting to know your customers digitally and providing personalized customer experiences based on their wants and needs.

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January 18, 2021
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