Bad bots are on the attack, and our defense plan is probably wrong

  • Google is warning that bots are causing more problems for business – but many companies are only focused on the most obvious attacks.
  • Google’s research has found that while 78% of organizations are using DDoS protection, such as web application firewalls, and content distribution networks (CDN), less than a fifth of them are using a “full bot management system”.
  • Check out Kount’s adaptive bot detection solution, and how it can detect, classify, and stop malicious bots while permitting good bots.

Home-security cameras have become a fruitful resource and a risk

  • Doorbell cameras have become a powerful tool for police investigators. But law enforcement officials are grappling with how the systems can ‘be used against us.’
  • The cameras have often been the target of hackers who can watch people’s live videos, and other account information.
  • Subscribe to the #Kount5in5 podcast. On 3/11, hosts Emily and Lacey discuss how cameras, printers, and other electronics can pose a cybersecurity risk with expert Josh Johnston.

Target is following in Amazon’s footsteps with a major leap forward in eCommerce logistics

  • Target will open five new warehouses for sorting e-commerce packages in urban markets in 2021, according to Business Insider.
  • The strategy will speed up shipping, according to Target’s COO.
  • As more people want faster delivery, a unique opportunity is available to those who open new channels such as BOPIS or In-store pickup. But along with potential increased revenue streams can come susceptibility to fraud. Learn more about protecting new and existing channels from bad actors.

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March 8, 2021
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