Mastercard exec says almost 75% of apparel sales were made online last month

  • CNBC reports digital sales of apparel spiked 47% in February, as consumers continued to adopt online shopping, fueling a 54% rise in eCommerce sales.
  • With the rise in online shopping — especially in apparel — merchants can no longer rely on in-person salespeople to recommend products to customers and provide one-on-one personalized experiences. Check out how you can get to know your customers though Data on Demand to create tailored shopping experiences online while preventing fraud.

Adidas to boost eCommerce in five-year plan

  • The German sportswear brand forecasts a surge in online sales and the steady build-out of shoes and apparel made from recycled materials to help increase profit by as much as 18% a year, Bloomberg reports.
  • With the increased reliance on eCommerce as a revenue stream comes an increased risk of fraud. Protect your business with an advanced, AI-driven fraud prevention solution. Kount helps businesses block the use of stolen credentials and detect account takeover and other forms of fraud.

Brooks Running increased revenue by 27% in 2020

  • In 2020, Brooks reported global revenue of $850 million, even amid the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Almost as soon as Brooks Running focussed on eCommerce, they experienced problems with fraud. Fraudulent websites were stealing credit card information from unsuspecting customers and using the Brooks Running website as part of drop-shipping schemes.
  • These fraud attacks brought chargebacks and eventually threatened the company’s ability to process cards from key issuers.
  • Brooks knew it needed a solution to stop fraud, reduce chargebacks, improve customer experiences, and open revenue channels in international markets. Find out what happened when they partnered with Kount.

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Retailers battle bots with debut of new Yeezy shoes

  • Shopping bots are now the biggest and, for some, most enraging impediment to shoppers looking for the hottest items online. They’re beating out everyday people, thanks to powerful technology.
  • Those using bots can buy and resell goods for double — sometimes triple — the price.
  • The technology behind bots is evolving quickly, and it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between bots and human activity. Kount’s adaptive bot protection is the next-generation, event-based solution that combines numerous data points to detect bots accurately.
March 15, 2021
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