Mastercard to buy digital ID verification startup

  • Mastercard announced its agreement to buy digital identity verification company Ekata in a deal valued at $850 million.
  • Kount proudly partners with Ekata. Once integrated, customers can access tools that gives them a depth and breadth of additional information and order verification data.

China to allow use of digital Yuan at 2022 Olympics, opening up the opportunity for fraud

  • China continues its dedication to exploring digital currency, making the 2022 Beijing games a testing ground for the digital Yuan. Ideally, foreign athletes and visitors will be able to use the currency for transactions.
  • While great from a customer experience perspective, digital currency can introduce businesses to unique fraud situations. One of the best ways to prevent mobile payments fraud is by implementing an AI-driven fraud prevention solution.

Domino’s Pizza to test delivery via robotic cars

  • Domino’s Pizza is teaming up with Nuro, a self-driving delivery company, to launch autonomous pizza delivery. The Nuro R2 self-driving car is the first completely autonomous on-road delivery vehicle.
  • Innovations like these can speed up delivery and improve the customer experience. But they can also appeal to bad actors who want to take advantage of new systems. So businesses need fraud systems that can produce near real-time approvals and reduce manual reviews to maintain speed.

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Mary Kay to launch VR platform

  • Mary Kay and its Mary Kay Global Design Studio announced Suite 13, a beauty experience that will use virtual reality to digitize the company’s first virtual showroom. Suite 13 offers Mary Kay’s independent beauty consultants and their customers a 360-degree, 3-D experience in which they can virtually browse the brand’s skin care portfolio.
  • The shift to digital shopping has become permanent for many businesses, so they’ve had to find unique and innovative ways to get to know their customers. One additional way to do this is through data. Businesses can use Kount’s data warehouse to gain actionable customer insights and improve the customer experience.

Twitch bans 7 million bots to cut back inflated view counts

  • The popular game-streaming platform released a massive wave of bans, targeting accounts that participate in follow-botting and view-botting. The move reportedly banned over 7 million accounts.
  • Some bots are malicious, but others can be extremely useful in eCommerce. 451 Research’s report on bots explains why businesses need to adapt their responses to bot activity to protect the entire customer journey.
April 26, 2021
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