Nestle’s Blue Bottle Coffee caffeinates direct-to-consumer subscription model

Subscription boxes thrive when the products included are an essential part of a consumer’s daily life. So it’s no surprise that, given how many people start every day with a cup of coffee, the beverage has become a staple in the subscription space.

While the subscription model can offer significant business advantages, recurring billing options can result in unwanted chargebacks. Kount’s Dispute and Chargeback Management solution can protect businesses against undesirable chargebacks and fees.

Whole Foods launching Amazon palm reader payment system

The electronic palm readers, known as Amazon One, allow registered customers to pay for items with the swipe of a hand.

Physical identifiers, like fingerprints and palm prints, can help prevent fraud purchases in-person. Businesses don’t have that advantage with eCommerce purchases. That’s why digital identity verification is essential for eCommerce sales.

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Bot traffic responsible for 40% of internet activity

While humans are the major source of internet traffic, bots contribute to over 40% of website visits, according to a report from Imperva’s Threat Research Lab. Bad bots are responsible for more than a quarter of all website traffic.

While businesses should protect against malicious bot activity, they should also focus on recognizing and removing friction for good bots. Kount’s Event-Based Bot Detection can protect against bots across the entire customer journey.

May 3, 2021
Weekly news digest
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