eBay looking at cryptocurrency as payment option

A growing number of companies have begun to accept virtual currencies as a form of payment. An asset class that has been shunned by major financial institutions is now a step closer to the mainstream.

As payments and technology evolves, so does risk. Cryptocurrencies can bring many possibilities, but also a huge risk of fraud.

Kroger pilot to test drone delivery

The Kroger Co. and Drone Express have unveiled a pilot partnership to offer grocery delivery via autonomous drones. According to the company, the pilot reinforces the importance of flexibility and immediacy to customers.

While super-fast shipping is great for the customer experience, it can leave little time to ensure there are no problems with an order or payment that could lead to a chargeback. Effective chargeback prevention needs to be at or near real time. Learn more about how businesses can use alerts to manage chargebacks and disputes.

What hackers can do with your mobile number

Hackers and cybercriminals place a high value on mobile phone numbers. With just a few digits, they can do a lot of damage with very little effort. Once a hacker gains control of a phone number, they can then access online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and WhatsApp.

Hackers have been reported to use the accounts to steal identities, access private communications, steal cryptocurrency, and more. Businesses can protect customer data, including mobile phone numbers, by protecting against account takeover.

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Facebook’s vision for VR hinges on easier payments

Facebook sees strong potential in its Oculus VR platform. But first, the social network has to overhaul the way it handles payments, according to its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“When it is seamless, it bolsters a better experience but also converts better for businesses,” said Zuckerberg.

A seamless payment experience means leaving friction out of fraud prevention. To avoid friction, businesses need a fraud prevention solution that uses AI and machine learning. These technologies can analyze hundreds of thousands of data points in a fraction of a second and only add friction when necessary.

May 10, 2021
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