Paralyzing cyberattack causes long lines at gas stations

Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline announced Tuesday that it expects to have much of its service restored by the weekend. The nation’s largest fuel pipeline shut down on May 7, following a cyberattack attributed to ransomware.

Cyberattacks can happen to anyone, as criminals will oftentimes do anything to obtain money. Criminals often target eCommerce sites as a quick way to make a buck, making it more important than ever for businesses to implement a fraud solution that helps protect the entire customer journey from malicious activity.

A single site resold over 100,000 PS5s at marked-up prices

When next-gen consoles released last year, most people in the gaming industry knew there would be a scramble for units, due to COVID-19 production restrictions. But the industry underestimated the presence of scalpers and bot accounts that surfaced shortly after that have plagued consumers since.

Malicious bot activity can wreak havoc on sites with limited release items. So businesses need to have a solution in place that can help detect malicious bot activity.

Push-to-pay now available at some wineries

eCELLAR, a software platform for wineries, launched a push-to-pay option in tasting rooms. Patrons can scan QR codes from their mobiles phones to pay and tip.

Convenience is key to a great customer experience. But if accounts — especially those that store payment information — aren’t protected properly, they become targets for account takeover attacks. Kount can help prevent account takeover fraud.

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Amazon blocks more than 10 billion listings amid counterfeit crackdown

Amazon announced it has blocked more than 10 billion listings amid pressure from shoppers, brands, and lawmakers to crack down on counterfeits. The company announced the data as part of its first report on anti-counterfeit measures.

It would be nearly impossible for fraud analysts to review every listing, so eCommerce and online marketplace companies need artificial intelligence and machine learning to help them prevent fraud.

European companies team up on a shopping mall for grocery pickup

A Poland-based maker of automated grocery pickup lockers and a last-mile delivery company in France have teamed up. They’re creating a “revolutionary” concept: co-located banks of self-service click-and-collect machines from multiple food retailers.

While grocery pickup options are great for customers, they leave little time to ensure there are no problems with orders or payments that could lead to chargebacks. Effective chargeback prevention needs to be at or near real time and use alerts to manage chargebacks and disputes.

May 17, 2021
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