DHL makes massive robot order to keep pace with e-commerce

The logistics provider is planning to take on up to 2,000 new warehouse robots by 2022. Robots are becoming more and more common in hybrid human-robot logistics warehouses, which are the engine of e-commerce’s increasingly fast delivery promises.

Increased shipping times can be a blessing in disguise for those dealing with friendly fraud. The extra time helps businesses ensure there are no problems with an order. But with that safety net gone, effective dispute and chargeback management needs to be at or near real time.

Law enforcement recovers $2.3 million in bitcoin paid for Colonial Pipeline ransom

The money was seized via a court order after FBI agents identified a virtual currency wallet that the hackers used to collect the ransom for the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, according to the Deputy Attorney General.

Getting ransom payments back is great news for stopping the cycle of crime. By stopping the flow of funds, bad actors can’t use the money to commit more crime.

Why a bad customer experience extends beyond one transaction

Any positive comments about you, your business, or even your product function as social proof. These online sentiments are endorsements that a person, company, service, or product is great and that the overall customer journey was satisfactory.

The very presence of social proof makes a business more trustworthy because it comes from customers whose voices tend to carry more weight than branded or sponsored messages.

While social proof can be great advertising for your business, a bad customer experience can be terrible for a brand’s reputation. Businesses need to ensure smooth customer experiences and positive social proof with a fraud solution like Kount’s that doesn’t apply unnecessary friction to the customer journey.

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Why global digital payments are important

Our digital world has made it easier to do business around the globe. But there are still barriers to making payments and transferring money across borders. As world economies become increasingly interconnected, the need for businesses to pay vendors, partners, workers, and organizations in other countries will only grow.

Fraud and payment processing are the biggest concerns to selling across borders, according to a survey by Internet Retailer. Learn how to streamline your payment process and strategies to avoid digital fraud in global markets.

What’s behind your web traffic: humans or bots?

In 2020, human traffic on websites fell by 5.7%, and automated “bad bot” traffic grew to record levels. Bots are evolving, and it’s become increasingly difficult to detect and block malicious bots with traditional solutions.

To protect against malicious bot attacks, Kount combines AI, machine learning, and billions of identity trust signals for event-based bot detection. Basic bot solutions typically protect the perimeter and identify bot activity using network characteristics, device characteristics, and behavior characteristics. Kount’s solution takes a layered approach to detect malicious bot activity and examines these characteristics as well as past behaviors and identity trust signals.

June 14, 2021
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