Ultra-fast food delivery drives up consumer expectations

Even as consumers return to restaurants and local regulations allow dining rooms to reopen at full capacity, digital sales are staying strong for most restaurants.

While consumers’ expectations for immediacy and convenience are growing across commerce categories, grocers and restaurants are in a uniquely challenging position. Customers expect them to fulfill orders not in days but in hours or, in some cases, minutes.

Quick-delivery businesses need AI-driven fraud solutions that reduce or eliminate manual reviews while approving good customers quickly and accurately.

Retailers are using hybrid platforms to bounce back from the pandemic

Retail companies that haven’t adopted e-commerce models have taken big hits in the last year. Even retailers that adopted e-commerce models are beginning to leverage platforms that combine the best of virtual and in-person experiences. Combining digital and person-to-person elements is helping businesses rebuild and reshape consumer experiences.

Getting to know a customer digitally requires a ton of data. Kount’s Data on Demand can help businesses access thousands of additional data points per customer event. That’s data they can use to improve customer experiences, increase conversions, and uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Points and miles credit cards ease return to travel

The COVID-19 vaccination era is making travel more appealing to consumers everywhere. Many travelers are using points and miles earned from travel credit cards to get to those long-awaited destinations. But some may be surprised to find their stored points taken by hackers.

Loyalty fraud damages a brand’s reputation and customer trust. Businesses can protect customer loyalty and prevent fraud by implementing fraud analytics solutions that protect the entire customer journey.

Direct-to-consumer sales growing in popularity

One particular sector that has gained popularity since the rush to e-commerce is the direct-to-consumer channel. But building a good website that makes the consumer journey great is tough.

From account creation to login and checkout, businesses that emphasize the customer journey stand to win revenue and customer loyalty. Kount’s solutions can help elevate the customer experience.

Study shows customers trust organizations less after receiving messages from fraudsters

45% of consumers in a global study revealed that just receiving a scam message purporting to be from any brand affects their trust in that brand. That’s regardless of any affiliation the brand has with the message.

While a perceived scam can do damage, a fraudster taking over accounts or conducting other suspicious  activities through an e-commerce website can have dire consequences. Specialized account takeover solutions can protect businesses and their customers from fraud.

July 6, 2021
Weekly news digest
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