UK Politicians Call for ‘Making the Resale of Goods Purchased Using and Automated Bot an Illegal Activity’

  • The motion would outlaw resellers’ usage of automated bots and make it difficult to sell in-demand tech at prices far exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
  • As many good ideas, the execution is really the challenge. How do you monitor and identify what is a bot and what is not? Newer bots are very much emulating human behavior. The existing generation of bots is not designed for identifying those bot type behavior during eCommerce events.
  • Existing bot protection solutions typically protect the perimeter and identify bots using network characteristics, device characteristics, and behavior characteristics. Kount’s Event-Based Bot Detection applies a layered approach to identify and segment bots.

ExxonMobil to Launch Contactless Pay-at-Pump Feature

  • Drivers can tap their smartphone to scan the QR code to pay. Then, the customer authorizes payment using Apple Pay, Google Pay or the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app and selects the fuel grade.
  • New channels, like contactless payments, leave the door open for new types of fraud. Businesses need to ensure they are protected by using advanced fraud detection with both advanced AI and machine learning.

18,000 Organizations Possibly Compromised in Massive Supply-Chain Cyberattack

  • According to Dark Reading, 33,000 of SolarWinds’ 300,000 customers, which include numerous government agencies, 499 Fortune 500 companies, and over 22,000 managed service providers, could have received compromised software updates.
  • With the proliferation of IT technology and wide deployment within many corporations and governments, it becomes critical to protect not just your perimeter and IT infrastructure, but those applications.
  • While there are many measures that software providers deploy themselves, one of the weakest links is user accounts.
  • With passwords and even Multi Factor Authentication being vulnerable nowadays, the next generation in secure authentication involves identity trust networks that rely on thousands of trust and risk signals as well as billions of data points to accurately identify risky logins.

Gaming Companies Targeted in Billions of Credential Stuffing Attacks

  • Gaming and streaming are growing in digital transactions– particularly during the Covid-19 lockdown. But criminals have gamers in their cross hairs.
  • A new report shows massive volumes of cyberattacks against video game players and gaming companies occurred between 2018 and 2020
  • These attacks are not going to stop anytime soon. Fraudsters are looking to take over accounts, hack games, and steal credentials, and are developing bots to exploit games. Check out some of the top fraud schemes that are unique to the gaming industry.
  • Gaming companies should look to risk-based authentication to combat hackers.

The Price of Stolen Remote Login Passwords is Dropping. That’s a Bad Sign.

  • Cyber criminals are lowering the prices they are charging for access to corporate networks compromised remote desktop protocol (RDP) logins.
  • The move indicates how leaked usernames and passwords are becoming increasingly more available to hackers.
  • The industry overall has made a move to multi-factor authentication, which is better than not have a solution in place at all, but the best practice is risk-based authentication. With risk-based authentication, systems use millions if not billions of fraud and trust signals which results in a risk-based score for every digital identity. This adds intelligence and accuracy to security decisions and provides a significantly better level of protection than simply relying on passwords.

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December 28, 2020
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