Royal Mail warns of parcel scam

  • According to Yahoo News, people have been receiving texts claiming to be from Royal Mail, saying they have mail but requiring payment for package delivery.
  • The messages then link to a website mocked up to look like an official Royal Mail site. The page requests personal information and payment details, which scammers may use to steal someone’s identity or target them with other scams.
  • Stolen credentials, like those taken from these scams, are often used on eCommerce sites to purchase goods. But businesses can protect against the use of stolen credit cards with the help of the Identity Trust Global NetworkTM.

Your streaming service is fertile ground for bot attacks

  • As more streaming services enter the marketplace, the probability of bad actors targeting them increases, Security Magazine reported.
  • Hackers infiltrate services and gain unauthorized access to account credentials through account takeover (ATO) attacks. They then either use the credentials themselves or sell them on the dark web.
  • Often, bad actors launch these attacks with bots that can attempt multiple username-password combinations in a fraction of a second.
  • It might seem logical to block all bot activity from a site, but not all bot activity is bad. Learn more about how Kount can help businesses detect bot activity, stop malicious bot activity, and adapt business policies.

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The future of fashion and gaming: eCommerce

  • The $159.3 billion eSports and gaming market, which was expected to reach 2.7 billion players by the end of 2020, is turning into fashion’s hottest playground.
  • Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga recently released its Fall 2021 collection in the form of an immersive online video game where characters are draped in the label.
  • With video games making the shift to click-to-pay, could the evolution in apparel shopping be gaming? Video game companies need to ensure they are protecting  player accounts, many of which have credit cards attached, from bad actors. Learn more about account takeover protection solutions.t takeover.

March 29, 2021
Weekly news digest
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