Vatican Enlists Bots to Protect Library From Hackers

  • The Guardian reports that ancient intellects are now being guarded by artificial intelligence following moves to protect one of the most extraordinary collections of historical manuscripts and documents in the world from cyber-attacks.
  • Bots are evolving and it’s become increasingly difficult to detect and block them with traditional solutions.
  • To protect against bots, Kount recommends an event-based solution that combines network, device, and behavior signals with billions of identity trust signals to accurately identify and classify even the most sophisticated bots.

Supermarkets Get New Looks As Shoppers Adapt to Pandemic

  • The Wall Street Journal reports grocers are now devoting more of their floor space to fulfill digital orders in response to customers’ increased food consumption at home and their growing reliance on online shopping.
  • Expanding channels like BOPIS (buy online pick up in store) and grocery deliver open up new risks to fraud, as there no time for manual reviews.
  • Kount recommends protecting new channels by applying artificial intelligence powered by a global data network to increase approval rates for good orders and reduce false positives.

How Hackers Blend Attack Methods to Bypass MFA

  • Dark Reading shares that many security experts recommend multifactor authentication (MFA) to prevent unauthorized access to protected accounts. It’s a key security measure for mobile apps, but it’s not a silver bullet. Hackers are getting better at defeating second- and third-layer security protections like MFA.
  • Kount recommends Risked Based Authentication rather than MFA. Independent analyst firm Forrester Research has named Kount a “Strong Performer”in the Forrester Wave for Risk-Based Authentication (RBA).

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