Walmart Retreats Around the Globe to Focus on E-Commerce

  • The Wall Street Journal reports Walmart Inc. threw in the towel on Japan after 18 years, selling most of its stake in a local supermarket chain and continuing its retreat from slow-growing global markets in favor of e-commerce bets.
  • Digital business and merchant chargeback protection is an important tool in everyday fraud protection, but the likelihood of high eCommerce volumes make it essential to protect revenue and avoid costly chargeback monitoring programs.
  • Geographical expansion is a must for companies that want to grow, but fraud can be very different and unique to each country. By working with an identity trust network, you get the depth and breadth of knowledge from customers around the globe who have experience working in many different countries and can pass on the knowledge of how to protect against many different fraud use cases.
  • See how Young Living used Kount to expand their business into Latin America.

It’s Not Just You: It was Nearly Impossible to Buy the PlayStation 5 at Launch

  • Why? According to Business Insider, bots were used to buy the consoles faster than any human being could.
  • Malicious bots are broadening their attacks beyond the front door of businesses operations. In a recent survey by Kount, 44% of respondents said a bot attack resulted in frozen inventory.
  • Sophisticated bots can now target any point in the customer journey. The results can damage customers, operations, and brands significantly. Learn 4 key impacts of bots on business in 2020.

NASA’s Bot Crew Streamlines Manual Processes

  • NASA now has 72 bots that are helping the agency reduce labor costs and enhance work quality by eliminating error-prone manual processes.
  • Not all bots are bad. Bots can be good and questionable too.  It’s important to enable good bots, while stopping malicious ones out to harm your business. Learn how.

Your Password Isn’t Safe, Neither is Typical Multi-Factor Authentication, Microsoft Warns

  • The Wall Street Journal reports grocers are now devoting more of their floor space to fulfill digital orders in response to customers’ increased food consumption at home and their growing reliance on online shopping.
  • Expanding channels like BOPIS (buy online pick up in store) and grocery deliver open up new risks to fraud, as there no time for manual reviews.
  • Kount recommends protecting new channels by applying artificial intelligence powered by a global data network to increase approval rates for good orders and reduce false positives.

If Cybercrime Were a Country, It Would Be the World’s Third Largest Economy

  • A new report says cybercrimes are likely to become more profitable than trading in major illegal drugs by 2025, with the costs expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually.
  • Learn how to protect your business from fraud, while ensuring a smooth customer experience. Check out all of Kount’s solutions.
  • As countries evolve and modernize, the country of cybercrime is also evolving and automating. One of the latest weapons its using are bots, which are becoming increasingly prevalent and easy to use. It’s important for companies to identify a next generation of bot detection solution to protect against latest and sophisticated bots.

Chipotle To Open Its First Digital-only Restaurant as Online Orders Soar

  • Unlike a traditional Chipotle location, the digital-only restaurant will not include a dining room or a line for ordering. Customers have to order in advance on Chipotle’s app, website or third-party delivery platforms.
  • Quick-service restaurants are undergoing digital transformation. See the latest trends for mobile order ahead.
  • Listen to the #Kount5in5 podcast where Rich Stuppy discusses how customer experience can be impacted by contactless payments.
  • Transformations like these are turning apps into mobile wallets and protecting mobile wallets is imperative. Businesses need to focus on their apps and protect them with the same diligence given to monetary transactions.

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