Why Fraud Prevention Is Critical for Mobile Apps

Would you remove features from your mobile app that your customers love? Probably not.

Would you remove them if they became a magnet for fraudulent activity? Many companies do, but shouldn’t.

One shouldn’t assume that just because your company has a “secure app” that you are protected from fraudulent payments, account creations/logins/changes or value transfers. Watch as Tricia and Rich describe the highs and lows of launching a mobile app for restaurants (or any business, really) in this fraud-rich day and age.

The mobile app launch is an especially powerful moment. If done well, you have the ability to include payments, loyalty and brand appreciation in ways that have previously been impossible. But if you do that powerful launch, and you don’t have protections in place, at each point in the journey where you’re collecting the appropriate amount of data, and adding the appropriate amount of protection, you can find yourself backpedaling quickly.

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