BustedTees is one of the web’s leading online t-shirt brands. Organizational changes and new initiatives to grow the business lead to an increase in orders. However, as revenue grew, so did fraud. Their chargeback rates reached 2% and fines grew to $5,000 a month. After a 2-week implementation of Kount, their chargeback rate dropped dramatically and inside of 6 weeks they were out of the chargeback fine program.

  • Chargeback rates dropped from 2% to less than 0.5%
  • Revenue has grown 40% to 50%
  • The time required for manual reviews has been cut in half



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Busted Tees Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Case Study
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Inside of 6 weeks, our chargeback rates were lower than they had ever been, and we were out of the chargeback fine program.

Adam Schwartz, General Manager