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ClickBank is a Top 100 Internet Retailer and leader in digital e-commerce, specializing in digital product sales, such as eBooks, software, memberships, and digital subscriptions. ClickBank uses Kount Complete™ as their fraud prevention solution, but recently deployed the Kount integration of Chargebacks911 to improve compliance, risk mitigation, and reduce chargebacks and friendly fraud.

  • Add $409,000 to bottom line through representment wins and reduced friendly fraud.
  • Win representments at more than three times the average win rate (72% vs. 21%).
  • Avoid operational impact with no increase in headcount, time, or on-going fraud prevention expense.

I would absolutely recommend the Kount implementation of Chargebacks911. After just 60 days, it has helped us add $409,000 directly to the bottom line, without requiring extra time or effort or headcount. It is definitely worth the investment. We were pleasantly surprised.– Jennifer Johannsen, Director, Risk & Compliance


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