is an online retailer that sells health and wellness supplements. They decided to expand internationally but the move led to increased fraud. Their internal fraud screening made it difficult to review the additional orders and almost landed them in an Excessive Chargeback program. Implementing Kount cut down on chargebacks right away. Not only did fraud costs dramatically decline, but is now accepting more international orders than ever, without being exposed to greater fraud risk.

  • Chargeback rate plummeted from 1.795% to 0.195%
  • Monthly chargeback costs slashed from $11,270 to less than $1,000
  • Manual reviews declined to less than 2–3% of orders


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Fear of fraud was hamstringing us. We were afraid that if we took a bunch of orders this month—especially international orders— we’d be facing a whole lot of chargebacks the following month. But thanks to Kount, we rarely talk about fraud anymore.

Nicholas Schneider, Operations Manager