InComm - Kount

InComm, an industry leader in prepaid products, launched a digital delivery technology to allow merchants with prepaid gift card programs to offer social gifting functionality. However, this new offering opened the door to card-not-present fraud that previously had not been an issue. They realized it would take years to develop the required tools to protect their customers from gift card fraud and decided to take a proactive approach by partnering with Kount.

  • Significantly reduced manual reviews
  • Utilized new transaction analysis to improve fraud prevention
  • Ease of integration with the Kount solution

After the 60- to 90-day lag time associated with chargeback reporting, we confirmed that our chargeback rates declined significantly, and we continue to work with Kount’s Merchant Services group to refine our fraud risk analysis engine. – Niul Bird, Director of eCommerce Applications


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