Leatherman - Kount

Leatherman Finds Kount the Perfect Multi-Tool for Stopping Fraud And Boosting Sales

As a world-class leader in high quality tools and knives, Leatherman quickly became a target for online fraud as a result of entering the eCommerce space in 2013. After taking only a couple of days to get up and running with Kount, they immediately saw a drastic decrease in chargebacks. eCommerce Manager, Liz Lee, says “Now, chargebacks are down to less than half of a percent. In fact, we’ve been able to reduce dollar losses from chargebacks by 245%.” This drop in chargebacks not only reduced their loss, but it also freed up time across multiple departments including Development, Customer Service and eCommerce Management.

We really love the fact that Kount is a network. With capabilities like Order Velocity across a large number of retailers, fraudsters get identified in the Kount network right away. – Liz Lee, E-Commerce Manager


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