The Source - Kount

The Source is Canada’s leading electronics and wireless retailer, operating in 600 locations. For the first several years, the e-commerce fulfillment team conducted manual reviews of every single order. But as sales volume grew, the company needed to automate and become more efficient at finding and stopping fraud. After deploying Kount, they saw dramatic reductions in fraud with sales continuing to grow.

  • Reduced chargeback rate 43% from 0.8% down to 0.45%
  • Cut in half the number of manual reviews from 18% of transactions to 9%
  • Slashed the time spent on each individual manual review by 40% – 50%

Kount greatly simplified our manual review process. We’ve cut the time spent on each review by about 40% to 50%. – Greg Coles, Director of E-Commerce Operations


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