TickPick - Kount

Before bringing Kount on board, TickPick had used an in-house fraud flagging system they believed was providing adequate protection but quickly saw the need to upgrade their fraud prevention capabilities. TickPick identified Kount as the right technology and following implementation immediately began seeing results. Since deploying Kount, TickPick’s chargeback rate has dropped nearly 50% and has allowed them to scale from $25 million to $50 million in revenue.

  • Reduced chargeback rate 50%
  • Maintained sales growth (on target in 2017 to once again double sales)
  • Cut costs by speeding up manual reviews thanks to centralized data
  • Prosecuted a fraudster through the local district attorney office

Chargebacks dropped as soon as we turned on Kount. The chargebacks have continued to fall. Our chargeback rate is now 50% lower than it was before Kount. Brett Goldberg, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, TickPick


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